Gain clarity on your financials. Elevate and automate your accounting process.

Staying on top of your finances is a key part of being a successful insurance agency. With increasing number of  customers, vendors, and employees, it can get really challenging to keep up with the accounting side of the business.

Try our Virtual Accounting Service to experience insurance industry specialized CPAs that will go way beyond bookkeeping, and instead, interpret your financial data holistically so you can make strategic business decisions that will take your agency to the next level.

Insurance Specialized Virtual Accounting Services

Always know where you're at financially

We'll help you set up an optimal automated framework wherein we link your AMS to your accounting software and a payments application to create an efficient and effective accounting process for your agency.

Get Value For Your Money

Hiring CPAs can cost as much as $150 per hour. That is why most agencies hire only a few times a year (i.e. during tax season). Our virtual accounting service is very affordable designed for small to medium business needs.

Experience a Complete Financial Analysis to get your financials back on track

Experience a comprehensive review of all your books to ensure all necessary transactions are recorded and are classified correctly to reflect your actual book of business. 

Work With CPAs Who Are Highly Adaptable To Any AMS and Accounting Applications

If you're already using cloud based platforms, our accounting team are quick to adapt to any tools of your preference.

Experience CPAs Expertise All Year Round

When you work with our virtual CPAs from the Philippines, you have access to their knowledge throughout the year — not just during tax season.

Holistic Approach

Every task is executed thoughtfully. Any time we execute any task, we assess the impact to your financial statements as a whole, as opposed to straightforward book entries.

What Our Clients Say About Our Virtual Assistants

Other Tasks We Can Do For You 

”As a vendor working exclusively with insurance agencies, I am always looking forresources I can recommend to my clients. I vetted several back office/VAcompanies but did not find any who met standards I have for strategicpartnerships. The first time I talked with their Customer Relationship Manager (Sheila), I knew InsBOSS is the company I want to work with. Her passion, knowledge and understanding of agency's needs continues to be very impressive.InsBOSS responds quickly to any need or request by the customers and their work meets agency standards. I also have a VA I use for my business. With all of the available options for back-office support, InsBOSS is the only one I can recommend.. ”

- Tom Baker, Insurance Agency Growth Coach, Comp21 Inc.
Aug 2021

Here’s feedback from my team: “shes been doing great with personal lines EOI/ endorsement request.” “I feel like she asks questions when quoting which is helpful to make it more accurate” “And multiple things I've instructed her on - she said she would note for the future” “She is great at communicating and sometimes asks me to show her when she isn't familiar with an endorsement or carrier. I only have to show her one time how to do things and she doesn't ask the same question twice, which is more than I can say!”

- Ives Insurance,
May 2021

Our InsBOSS virtual assistant has shown extreme enthusiasm and eagerness to learn from day 1. He seems to go above and beyond the task, and communicate with the client with utmost respect and courtesy via email. He is certainly a fast learner, and though not 100% perfect yet, he takes everything as constructive criticism and doesn't seem afraid to make mistakes. Keep up the great work and don't be afraid of mistakes as they'll only be opportunities to learn!

- Aleaf Insurance,
May 2021

Our virtual assistant is responsive and understanding of the tasks and responds in timely manner. Our other virtual assistant is like a good soldier, and our other virtual assistant is very efficient and helpful! 

- Eli Cohen Insurance,
July 2021

Here's the feedback from our team: "Our virtual assistant is still doing great! I feel like she asks less questions and we have a pretty good flow."

- Eli Cohen Insurance,
July 2021

Our InsBOSS virtual assistants is super reliable and always does great work. High quality work and can handle a heavy workload. Very big help with managing our reports.

- StreetSmart Insurance, 
June 2021

Our InsBOSS VA has proven to be extremely reliable and consistent. He has modeled very good habits and encouraged increased accountability for all of our employees. That has been incredibly helpful. We look forward to a great future with our InsBOSS virtual assistant! Keep up the good work!

- The Insurance Professionals,
June 2021

Our virtual assistant is doing great. We are very happy with his work. His punctuality and reliability have been extremely helpful to our agency. We have appreciated Benson continually giving clear indications on Teams when he is on break and what he is working on. As a small family business, this has been a challenge for many employees in the past and our InsBOSS virtual assistant consistent accountability has encouraged increased accountability with everyone. That alone has helped us tremendously. We also believe that Benson's positive contributions to our agency will become even more profound as time goes on and we are able to provide all of our employees with clearer procedures for each task. Keep up the good work InsBOSS!

- The Insurance Professionals,
June 2021

Our VA is learning and improving every day. He's been a real pleasure to work with and always great communication. He's been a real asset to our agency!!

- Prestige Insurance
July 2021

Virtual Accounting Services

Abstract Structure


Reconciliation of bank, loan and credit card statements, and other files

Validate existing system automations


Assess and recommend bank rules

Update charts of accounts

Process manual transactions and journal entries(e.g. loan amortization, depreciating equipment)

Analyze AMS and other SaaS / modules

Distribute modules according to PnL & Balance Sheets


Analyze and provide insights on the overall financials

Process payments, commissions and cancellations

Prepare billings/invoices for clients

Verify unapplied cash report, payable worklist report and aged receivable report

Consolidation and turnover of accounts (end of contract)


Open communication for any accounting related inquiries 


Walkthrough of accounting software/AMS during migrations 


EOD summary of tasks performed, pending, dependencies, tasks for the next day


Run reports for unapplied cash

Aged receivables - uncollected revenue from the policy holders  

Payables work list - list of payables we haven’t been paid for for a particular week


Anything else you want to know about optimizing the way you do accounting

Our Virtual Assistants Are Trained In The Systems Below And Can Adapt To Any New Application

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applied epic.png
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