Insurance Telemarketing Virtual Assistance

Boost Your Book of Business
Convert Leads into Active Customers Faster


What You'll Get

We'll comb through the thousands of leads for you so you'll only have to focus on converting prospects that are likely to push through

We'll find that needle in the haystack: Onboard us on your campaigns, we'll do the thousands of calls for you. Anyone interested in a campaign, we'll transfer straight to you. This way you can focus your time and energy on leads that are likely to convert.

Accelerate your sales. Try our new Insurance Telemarketing virtual assistance service.

Hotline Consultant

Why Us?

Over 7,900 calls per telemarketer per month

Registered international corporation, no freelancers

Trusted and recommended by other insurance business owners

Pre-Trained in the Basics of Insurance

Real-Time Communication

Easy & Quick Deployment

Customizable performance reports

Get a whole support team not just your telemarketer

Adaptable to Any Phone Service

A team will manage the day-to-day performance for you so you won't have to

Regular calibrations to ensure top quality performance

Maximum coverage: We'll ensure to replace your telemarketer for you if the need arises

Team Meeting


Insurance Telemarketing Virtual Assistance

Part-time Monthly Fee

This will be your very own Telemarketing specialist that will call those thousands of leads for you so you won't have to!

Customer Success Team


This team will ensure that you will meet  your needs and expectations from our VAs. They will be keeping a close eye on training, performance, analysis, documentation and reporting for you.



This team will ensure the highest quality of performance by reviewing the work of the VAs and continuously improving the quality to meet your expectations and align with the business standards of your organization. 

Recruitment Team


This team will ensure we only hire the best people highly qualified in sales, telemarketing and customer service to help you convert those leads to sales faster than expected!

Training and Development Team


This team will provide all the training necessary to cover the basics of insurance, tools, sales and telemarketing training to prepare the best VA for you.

Customer Relationship Team


This team will help you set up your VAs with us. Provide all the assistance you need, answer all your queries, assist you on the documentary requirements, payments, team introductions, make sure you're all set.

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