Insurance Specialized Virtual Assistance Service

Have More Freedom In Your Life

We believe that everyone should have freedom in their lives.

The way we create freedom is by providing virtual assistance services that will manage bulk of your agency's work for you so you can have more freedom in your day - because your FREEDOM is our business.

Why Try InsBOSS Virtual Assistance Service?

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Customer Success Stories

Here’s feedback from my team: “shes been doing great with personal lines EOI/ endorsement request.” “I feel like she asks questions when quoting which is helpful to make it more accurate” “And multiple things I've instructed her on - she said she would note for the future” “She is great at communicating and sometimes asks me to show her when she isn't familiar with an endorsement or carrier. I only have to show her one time how to do things and she doesn't ask the same question twice, which is more than I can say!”

- Ives Insurance,
May 2021

Aemar has shown extreme enthusiasm and eagerness to learn from day 1. He seems to go above and beyond the task, and communicate with the client with utmost respect and courtesy via email. He is certainly a fast learner, and though not 100% perfect yet, he takes everything as constructive criticism and doesn't seem afraid to make mistakes. Keep up the great work and don't be afraid of mistakes as they'll only be opportunities to learn!

- Aleaf Insurance,
May 2021

Ron has been a great asset to the team and Insboss definitely needs to acknowledge him for his hard work and dedication. I hope you will have more employees like Ron to assist with the back end insurance needs. It has been a pleasure to work with him. Regards, Josephine

- Fairmont Insurance,
April 2021

Adjusting very quickly and really helpful!

- Eli Cohen Insurance,
May 2021

I've been very happy with Donna and the service overall

- George Bell Insurance,
May 2021

Super reliable and very fast.

- StreetSmart Insurance, 
May 2021

Victor is awesome. Thank you.

- RPC Insurance,
May 2021

Very helpful and always on time with finishing the job.

- Reliance Insurance,
May 2021

My VA handles tasks as expected.

- Catalyst Insurance
May 2021

Our Virtual Assistants are experienced in the systems below and can adapt to any new AMS

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