In January of 2017, the founding fathers of InsBOSS, Joe and Chris, had their first meeting in starting up a business in the Philippines. Initially the purpose was to create an Agency Management Software. Unfortunately the timeline to create an Agency Management Software was longer than expected. 

During that time, one of Joe's good friends who has an insurance brokerage desperately needed help as her business was growing but couldn't find the right person to work with her within her budget. Chris suggested that we offer virtual assistant services. Joe convinced Amalia DiMarino to try out. Chris was our very first virtual assistant and ADM Insurance Brokerage LTD was our very first client.

On May 17, 2017, Joe quit his job as a Commercial Lines Underwriter at Morstan to focus on building the business full time with Chris. Ins Back Office Solution Systems, Inc was set up by Chris in the Philippines in May. InsBOSS USA, Inc. was created in June.




CEO | Co-Founder | Sales Head

I had the pleasure of working at Morstan General agency as a Commercial Lines Underwriter for over 10 years. I learned and gained a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge and experience in my tenure there which led me to opening our company InsBOSS USA, Inc last year of 2017. Based on my experience as a Commercial Lines Underwriter, I have established great relationships with many of my broker clients and realized that the insurance industry is in need of valuable back end office support in order to tackle the day to day activities. I have met brokers who haven't gone in vacation for years because they are so caught up in creating apps, requesting for endorsements, or quoting that they haven't had time to enjoy life. I believe that our company would be able to help the insurance industry by providing a well trained virtual assistant who can take on majority of the non-income generating tasks at a cost effective price. And the biggest benefit is that instead of going through high employee turnover rates, brokers wouldn't have to worry about not having someone that can take on those time consuming tasks.



COO | Co-Founder | Business Development Head

I have had the great opportunity to start my career working at the (then) biggest BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company in the Philippines. I was tasked to handle technical support for Dell Technologies. I did this for several years and grew to handle basic to advanced computer hardware and software configurations even for (AlienWare gaming systems). Due to exemplary performance in technical support, up-sales, and customer service, I grew through the ranks and got promoted multiple times in my career. I continued growing by becoming a subject matter expert, trainer, and lead. I was training, developing, and managing countless technical support representatives to reach their true potential and exemplary performance. Several years later, I was acquired by the largest staffing firm in the country as a Talent Acquisition Manager. There I learned a lot about sales, cold calling, client management, and the like. I also pursued my passion in photography and became a Professional Photographer in the process (photographing celebrities, politicians, beauty queens, big brands and so on). At the beginning of 2017, I had a discussion with my business partner, Joseph Gallegos, regarding the current state of the U.S. insurance industry and how we can revolutionize it by helping them in their back office operations to start. With our skill set combined, we started InsBOSS USA, Inc. and Ins Back Office Solution Systems, Incorporated Philippines June and May 2017 respectively. We believe that Filipinos are excellent and world-class professionals that have the perfect skill set to perform administrative tasks for all our current and future clients. Revolutionize the way you do insurance with InsBOSS!